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Triodos Bank is a Dutch bank with branches in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain and with over 750,000 account holders worldwide.

For more than forty years the bank has been based on an ethical, transparent and sustainable banking model and has aimed to make money work for positive social, ecological and cultural change. The bank's investments include organic food and farming, renewable energy, corporate socially responsible, microcredit, arts and culture, fair trade and sheltered workshops.

With Triodos Bank depository receipts for shares, you invest in Triodos Bank itself. The bank is able to use this investor money for positive change. Holders of depository receipts share in the bank's profit as well as in its possible losses, just like any ordinary shareholders. For more information on investing in Triodos and on Triodos Bank depository receipts for shares, visit

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Captin MTF - Rulebook

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Captin Custodian Foundation Regulations

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Captin Trading Regulations

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Irrevocable power of attorney to transfer Triodos Bank certificates

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Transaction costs

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Investment Agreement & Investment Conditions - Captin Broker

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