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Attracting and offering capital

The Captin Trading Exchange (CPTX) is a venue for entrepreneurs, funds and investors who want to attract capital, offer capital, or want to have large shareholder registers managed. Starting from that unique position in the market, we have been liquidating illiquid investments and making them tradable since 1996.

Experienced and reliable

Captin Trading Exchange (CPTX)

Captin operates an MTF trading platform: the Captin Trading Platform. Investors, members, employees and third parties can use the platform to participate in the issuing institution's equity capital (shares) or the debt capital (bonds). Markets can be set up in many ways (with modules). Captin has already helped a number of companies list on the Captin Trading Exchange. The trading platform can also be an interim stage towards a potential listing on Euronext.

Making capital tradable

Enabling financial instruments tradability?

For each company, Captin sets up its own platform to facilitate its participants. This is not just about tradability, but mostly also about creating a community of investors. The market may be open, or for closed 'groups'. Examples are members of a cooperative or an association. In this way we create a community for the issuing institution and the participants.

We reliquidate illiquid securities and relieve the company not only of trade activities but also all associated services (see below). We are happy to discuss all possibilities with you.

Attractive investments


Invest through the Captin Trading Exchange in companies and private equity funds listed on the Captin Trading Platform, CPTX. This market makes it possible to invest in open unlisted companies and various funds.

Smart issuing and investing

Captin offers

We match supply and demand. Good vibes, proximity, sustainability and commitment are the key themes.

Investments in bonds and shares

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Clients speak out

'Real added value'

'MKB Fonds invests in (family) businesses and SMEs that need financing to fund business transfers. We invest in a company for the long term. This stimulates the continuity of the SME sector, which appeals to many family businesses. We chose Captin for its great expertise in the field of participants’ administration for funds. Moreover, the fact that MKB Shares and MKB Bonds are tradable appeals to investors in our funds. Captin facilitates an online platform for this purpose.'

Thomas Wals Managing director of MKB Fonds

Do you want to discuss the possibilities?

Please contact us by telephone or email. Or visit us at our offices at Keizersgracht, Amsterdam to garner inspiration. We will be happy to help you think out your ideas.