Employee participation

Involve and reward employees

Doing business, growing and sharing success together. Committed employees and a positive impact on operating performance. Captin's clients reward their employees, with shares or options for instance. Among the possibilities are investing in shares or bonds on attractive conditions.

Step 1
Setting goals
What is your goal in having your employees participate in the company or the fund? And what is the most appropriate form to do this in? Is it profit-sharing, shareholding or depositary receipt holding? Together we will carefully consider the most appropriate instrument. We will look at the company's goals, choices and requirements, as well as the rights and obligations desired by employees/shareholders.
Step 2
Determining the plan
In this stage we determine the desired plan. Will the depositary receipts be allocated to the participants/employees or is more skin in the game desired? Do we want participants to purchase their own securities, possibly with a bonus share in the longer term? Together, based on many best-practices, we can work towards a plan that is cost-efficient and achieves its goals.
Step 3
Making choices
Captin smoothly and effectively sets up a personalised platform with modules precisely tailored to your situation. It will be your own platform, with the look and feel of your company. Based on the first draft of the plan, choices are made. What modules do we want to use? In what languages? Should there be a subscription module? How complex is the plan and what else will it be based on? Our approach is as modular as possible, ensuring that our work is scalable and cost-efficient.
Step 4
Setting up
Once the plan is clear and we have defined the basic principles together in an agreement, we can start setting up the platform. The accounts are also opened in this stage. We implement all choices and requirements in the platform, including - if applicable - statutory requirements, as well as the process agreements with the various departments.
Step 5
In the management stage, we prepare an annual plan reflecting the annual execution cycle. From now on we provide our full services accompanying the platform, including register management, a support desk and related corporate actions such as the provision of annual statements and dividends.


We offer solutions not only for listed or large unlisted companies, but also for larger SMEs (from 50 to 100 employees). Based on the SME Plug & Play solution, we facilitate MKBs to set up a plan. Captin makes this easier for SMEs and provides guidance.

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What is the rationale for employee participation?

Nothing but benefits

We believe that shared ownership contributes to mutual understanding and a greater, long-term commitment within the organisation. Enterprises viewing participation for and by employees as favourable in one form or another is a growing trend. From a tax perspective, employee participation is also increasingly attractive.

Do you want to reward, motivate and keep your personnel, improve your operating performance or achieve higher productivity? Financial employee participation is an excellent tool to achieve one or more of these goals.

10 reasons to opt for your own participation platform

Encourage entrepreneurship and commitment among your employees

Shift the focus from short-term (personal) targets to the company’s long-term sustainable growth

Mutual understanding for choices and chosen strategy

Greater alignment of interests between employees and employers

Employees diving into their role in the organisation as true entrepreneurs, inspired and ambitious

Sound employment practices for today’s world

Build up the sharing economy together

Reward your (top) employees and keep them in the company

Employees benefit from business performance

Create a community to fit the enterprise

Clients speak out

'Real added value'

'MKB Fonds invests in (family) businesses and SMEs that need financing to fund business transfers. We invest in a company for the long term. This stimulates the continuity of the SME sector, which appeals to many family businesses. We chose Captin for its great expertise in the field of participants’ administration for funds. Moreover, the fact that MKB Shares and MKB Bonds are tradable appeals to investors in our funds. Captin facilitates an online platform for this purpose.'

Thomas Wals Managing director of MKB Fonds
Good to know


We have outlined the success of employee participation in several reports. Please find the most important ones here. If you have any questions, we are there for you.

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Employee Participation in portfolio companies

Private Equity and employee participation is a growing phenomenon. Read more about a study Captin performed in the past

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Employee Participation report

Research on employee participation is essential to properly demonstrate its usefulness. Captin is one of the researchers of this subject

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