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The overall concept for (employee) participation

Do you want to make your employees a genuine part of your enterprise? Captin is an expert in employee participation and helping you set up your own (trading) platform. Together we can help your employees and your operating results excel.

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Participation platform

Involve and reward your employees

Doing business, growing and sharing success together. A participation platform allows employees to really take part in the business. We help shift the focus from the short term, with personal targets, to the long term with sustainable growth and common interests. And we are happy to show you how this leads to committed employees and a positive operating performance.

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Trading Platform

Full support on supply and demand

Are you considering making your capital tradable to an open or a closed group of investors? To a cooperative, family wealth, members of an association or investors in a fund? Captin creates a customised trading platform using modules based on a company’s needs and wants. Find out how our one-stop-shopping concept makes illiquid investments tradable.

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Captin offers an overall solution, including register management and a support desk providing support in several languages


Track record in employee participation since 1966, with customers such as NIBC, CSU, Heijmans and Triodos Bank


Our services target the corporate market (+100 employees, listed and unlisted)


Support desk and order desk for all participants in several languages and a personal point of contact for the company


Innovative, with the benefits of years of experience

Captin sets up a personalised platform, precisely tailored to your situation. Employees receive a small part of the company, or purchase one on favourable terms. Examples are depositary receipts for shares, options and other instruments. We manage the register, support the participants and execute security and money transactions. Employees are given full insight into their positions and can trade these instruments.

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Trading platform


Captin operates a unique trading platform in the form of a multilateral trading facility (MTF). Its official name is the Captin Trading Exchange (CPTX). The facility is the oldest MTF in the Netherlands. Are you looking for investments? Click listings for options.

Triodos Bank Depository Receipts
HZPC Holding B.V. DR
Voerequivalenten ForFarmers Certificaten ForFarmers Participatierekening ForFarmers
€0,16 -
Certificaten van aandelen Bovemij N.V.
WindShareFund I
ClimateBonds WindShareFund I B.V.
MKB Mixfonds I (2012)
MKB Mixfonds III (2015)
MKB Mixfonds IV (2017)
MKB Obligaties A MKB Obligaties B MKB Obligaties C
-€150,00 €4.250,00
€0,00- -
MKB Mixfonds V (2020)
MKB Obligaties A MKB Obligaties B MKB Obligaties C MKB Aandelen
€0,00- -
-€200,00 -
MKB Mixfonds VI (2022)
Doing business together

Experts since 1996

Captin was established in 1996 as part of CenE Bankiers, which was later acquired by Van Lanschot Kempen. Since 2017 we have been independent. Years of experience ensure our expert, innovative and professional approach. At the same time, we keep ourselves on our toes and are always on the lookout for opportunities for our partners. Truly an innovative and flexible corporation.

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Retain, captivate & motivate

An experienced and sound partner

Captin B.V. is a licensed investment firm. We are authorised to operate a multilateral trading facility and to receive, transmit and execute orders. Captin is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiele Markten - AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. - DNB), and is listed in the register of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (

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What is going on?

The latest news

Just in from the Quote: The MTF trading platform by Captin.

In the May edition of Quote, our colleague Joost Roosen speaks about the MTF trading platform that Captin offers, particularly for SME+ businesses.

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Do you want to discuss the possibilities?

Please contact us by telephone or email. Or visit us at our offices at Keizersgracht, Amsterdam to garner inspiration. We will be happy to help you think out your ideas.