Welcome to Captin’s general Triodos page. On this page, you can find more information about Triodos depository receipts for shares. In addition, you have the option to register as a future holder of Triodos depository receipts via the link below. If you register through this link, you will receive an invitation to go through the process of opening a trading account. Should you need support in the process, please click ‘support’. You will be directed to the support page containing the answers to frequently asked questions. Our contact details can also be found there. As from the start of trading, you can use the ‘trading platform’ link to log directly into the trading platform and place an order, provided that you have opened a trading account. Under downloads, you can find the information memorandum and other relevant information about Triodos Bank depository receipts for shares.

Start fulfillment instructions for existing certificate holders

Watch this video to see all the steps of the onboarding process for existing certificate holders.